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Dec 24, 2008

Skills Booster for Linux Pemula (Part two)


  1. Underlining

    Now we are already to mark our book Linux. First, underline the parts of sentences that answer the questions: the main ideas. Second, underline key supporting detail, such as statistics and example if we think they will be on a test. Underline key words only, not complete sentences. When we've finished underlining, read what we've marked to see if it makes sense.

  2. Making marginal notes

    It's also useful to make notes in the textbook. For example, put questions mark (?) next to passages we don't understand, or put asterisks (*) next to the most important passages, or write other notes to yourself.


First, cover the page in our book Linux and look only our selves-test notes. Use each note to test our memory of the main ideas and important details. Next, check what we remember against the underlining in the book, jotting down any topics we miss. Continue testing ourselves until we can recall all the important points.


Finally, combine all what we recall into one main review. Use our marginal notes to test ourselves on all the material we've studied. Keep reviewing until we remember all the important points.

To read fast while comprehending what we read takes a habit. If we are used to reading slowly, we cannot be an efficient, while at the same time, effective reader overnight. We need to practice and apply these tips in a way that they become our natural habit. In such a busy, growing world we live, the need to read more and know more and know more (not to forget more but forget less) while saving lots of our precious time can be a skill we can't live without.

See also Skill Booster part one
(*Dedicated for my ordinary place, Lubuk Besar (Bangka Island) and I myself)


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