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Dec 20, 2008

How to install linux for Linux Pemula

The first thing that we have to do if we want to learn Linux is Installation. So Linux Newbie must know how to install linux. Here they are some list I've got from after browsing stay up late in my boarding house. Hopefully, these are useful for Pemula like you and I myself.
These resources provide guidance and step-by-step instructions for installing Linux:
1. Linux Pre-Installation Check List
Common questions about system configuration, hardware, and software. Complete the checklist before beginning the install process for a smoother installation.
2.Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide
General installation instructions as well as instructions specific to Debian, Red Hat, Caldera, Slackware, S.u.S.E.
3.The Official Red Hat Linux Installation Guide
The official manual guides for installing the Red Hat Linux distribution.
4.Red Hat Installation FAQ
A general guide to installing the Red Hat Linux distribution.
5.Shad's Linux Installation Guide
Focuses primarly on the installation of Slackware.
6. Professor Norm Matloff's Beginner's Guide to installing Linux.
7. Wikibook on Linux guide to install Linux
8.Dalke Scientific
see also Linux Online, How to install linux? click here


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