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Dec 14, 2008

Introduction of Linux to Linux Newbie and Linux Pemula or Linux Beginner

Introduction to Newbie (a linux beginner or Linux Pemula or what ever who focusing in learning Linux step by step in the name of Bright future) (in Bahasa Indonesia; it means Pengenalan Linux Pemula)Here they are:

Linux, A revolutionary operating system

1. What is linux
2. The History of Linux
3. Distro
4. The Advantages of Linux
5. List of Linux Troubleshooting sites

Well my buddies, we could conclude that there is no such thing as a perfect invention. Linux is not perfect! By using it we will find that Linux also has minus points. Still, Linux is a revolutionary invention. We should have a positive attitude toward it. We still have a lot to catch upon IT. Linux makes it possible for us to become more advanced in IT. It's high time for us to develop and not just to consume.

Wish you all the best, newbie/beginner/pemula/orang awam! Keep it Short and Simple (KISS) from me, since I've been still learning 'till now

(see also LINUX PEMULA for a good reference site for all Indonesian, especially Bangkanese and Belitungnese who wanna learn Linux as second operating system, Just check it out here)


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