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Dec 28, 2008

Linux, Operating System Of The Future

Linux, Operating System Of The Future
(Linux Fundamental for Beginner)
A major change is happening in the Information Technology world. Many computer users all over the world are migrating from the most acknowledged standard operating system (Windows) to Linux, a revolutionary operating system with varieties of free and reliable applications. Let's find out more about this cool operating system, which--predicted by IT experts--will beat Windows in the future.

What is Linux?
The History of Linux
Advantages of Linux
List of Linux troubleshooting sites
Version of Linux

Linux helps underdeveloped countries to get involved in developing the right technology for their people (like Indonesia). Linux provides access for these countries to be creators or innovators, not only consumers. Linux provides a bridge to lessen the gap between well-developed and under-developed countries in IT fields through one magic word: sharing. There is no such thing as a perfect invention. Linux is not perfect! By using it we will find that Linux also has minus points. Still, Linux is a revolutionary invention. We should have a positive attitude toward it. We still have a lot to catch up on IT. Linux makes it possible for us to become more advanced in IT. It's high time for us to develop, and not just to consume.
See also Linux Online, WikiHow, a practical guide to learning Linux for further reading.


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